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Hair transplantPrice of the Hair Transplant in the Crown

Price of the Hair Transplant in the Crown

If you’ve been suffering from hair loss, a hair transplant is the best choice. The procedure will have your hair growing lustrous and beautiful in no time. If you’ve decided to go with a hair transplant procedure, you want to immediately start asking the right questions, such as: where is the best country to get a hair transplant? What are the best hair transplant clinics? And how much does it cost to get a hair transplant?

The Capilclinic is one of the top clinics offering hair transplant and grafting services in the world. With a top professional surgeon and five-star services, you need to look no further than Capilclinic for your hair transplant and stem cell treatment. The clinic makes use of top techniques and equipment for its hair transplant and grafting procedures.

Capilclinic has two different centers that offer top-notch treatments and services. At each clinic, they are fully dedicated to helping patients through the process of hair regeneration. Since each clinic offers exceptional services, clients can choose either of the centers to have their surgery and still attain the best results.

The first Capilclinic center is located in Istanbul, Turkey, while the other center is in Spain. Both clinics make use of the best medical equipment and have experienced hair transplant surgeons on the ground. The 5-star treatment is available to clients at either center. The only thing left to do is pick which center works best and get to work.

Both clinics specialize in using the ‘FUE MIN TIME’ technique, which involves taking hair from one part of the head and replanting it in the part that has been experiencing hair loss. At the Turkey center of the clinic, this technique can further be paired with a stem cell treatment that allows hair to grow without having a transplant done.

The procedure occurs in four steps. They are the analysis stage, the Pre-surgery consultation, the hair grafting procedure, which can be done through either the DHI technique, the FUE technique, the Min Time FUE technique, and the post-surgery consultation.

Hair transplant in the crown


The analysis stage is the first stage of the treatment procedure. At this stage, the patient consults with the doctor who analyses the case to determine the best treatment for the specific case. The client is also able to ask pertinent questions, understand the process and assuage any worries.

Pre-Treatment Consultation

At the pre-treatment consultation, the doctor informs the patient of what and what not to do preceding the operation. For example, the use and consumption of any product that can cause inflammation or excessive bleeding will be prohibited. In turn, consuming alcohol, haircuts, etc. get prohibited.

Hair Graft Operation

The hair graft operation is the crux of the entire procedure. At this stage, the doctor would have determined what procedure to apply to the case. The methods available are the DHI technique, the FUE technique, and the Min Time FUE technique. The DHI technique is when the hair follicles are extracted and directly replanted into the bald area immediately.

The FUE technique involves the harvesting of hair follicles like the DHI technique, after which it is passed through a process of treatments and then replanted into the bald area. It ensures that only the best follicles are replanted; however, it is more time-consuming than the DHI technique.

Finally, the Min Time FUE technique is an innovation of the Capilclinic. Not only is it safer than other techniques, but it has also shown to have a better success rate. This is because the clinic takes the timing of the procedure into account. The longer it takes before the hair follicles are replanted, the less the likelihood of success of the procedure.

The clinic uses this method to save time and increase the success rate. As a result, they can achieve a time of not more than one hundred and twenty minutes (120) of the hair follicles outside the body. This guarantees a success rate of about 95%.

Prices of Hair Transplants at the Spain Center

At the Spain Center, you can get your implants done at either Madrid or Barcelona. Clients have access to different packages depending on which of these venues they choose. Clients are advised to go through both packages and pick whichever one works better for them.


The package at the Madrid center covers analytics, a pre-surgery consultation, the Min Time FUE hair graft or the DHI hair graft procedure, another consultation after the treatment, two treatments for reinforcement of plasma, the first washing of the hair, and even a cleaning kit for the patient to use subsequently. The price is $4200.


The implant at the Barcelona center covers the Pre-surgery consultation with the resident surgeon, the Min Time FUE hair graft technique, another consultation with the specialists after the operation, and three treatments for the reinstatement of plasma. The price is $4200.

Prices of Hair transplant at the Turkey Center

The package for the hair graft procedure at the Turkey center includes a Pre-surgery consultation, two nights of stay at a 5-star hotel with free breakfast and a private driver to transport the clients to and from the clinic, the hair graft done with the Min Time FUE technique, another consultation after the treatment, the first wash of the hair right in the clinic and treatment.

Capilclinic also provides a Spanish translator for clients who speak Spanish. The price starts from $3100. Additional services come with extra charges. For example, for a stem cell treatment instead of the plasma treatment, the pack costs $3900. Also, for using the DHI method hair graft technique instead of the FUE technique, clients enjoy all the same benefits as the normal package at $3390.

In Conclusion

Capilclinic has proven to be a great place to get the hair graft procedure done. Not only do clients get to take advantage of the amazing facilities, new techniques, and specialists, but they also get to determine where they want the treatment done and what package they prefer. So, getting treatment at the Capilclinic is a great deal all around.


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