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ClinicsSanantur Clinic Reviews

Sanantur Clinic Reviews

Sanantur, a renowned Spanish company specializing in hair transplantation, proudly presents its state-of-the-art referral hospital in Istanbul, nestled within the prestigious Okan University Hospital. Established in 2006, Okan University Hospital is synonymous with unwavering commitment to groundbreaking health research and cutting-edge medical technology. Conveniently located just a stone’s throw away from the luxurious Hilton Kozyatagi Hotel, where you will be accommodated during your stay, this exceptional medical facility is poised to redefine your hair transplant experience. 

Harnessing the academic prowess and extensive healthcare expertise of Okan University, the institution has ventured into the realm of healthcare with the vision encapsulated in the motto “Okan Salut.” In this vein, Okan University Hospital was established in Istanbul, serving as a conduit for knowledge and experience transfer from the university’s medical sphere to the broader healthcare landscape. 

Embracing Advancement and Patient-Centric Care 

Inheriting a corporate culture that thrives on staying at the forefront of technology and development, the Hospital seamlessly integrates these elements into its service offerings. Committed to delivering an unrivaled quality of care, the institution employs a patient-oriented approach, ensuring sustainability in the provision of exceptional medical services. 

Sanantur: Pioneering Hair Transplantation in Istanbul 

Distinguished as the sole Spanish company with its very own hospital in Istanbul specializing in hair transplantation, Sanantur Clinic takes pride in offering unparalleled services at the most competitive prices. With a dedicated medical team boasting over 15 years of experience in performing hair transplants, Sanantur Clinic guarantees an exceptional experience throughout your journey to restore your natural hair. 

Sanantur Group tirelessly strives to achieve two paramount objectives: the utmost satisfaction of its patients and the delivery of unparalleled service quality. With an unwavering focus on providing a seamless hair restoration experience, Sanantur Group ensures that each individual leaves with their own hair, exuding a completely natural finish. Their medical and technical experts skillfully extract follicles from the donor area, strategically implanting them in the recipient zones to achieve the desired results. 

What to Anticipate: A Journey to Renewed Confidence 

Your hair transplant procedure will take place within the confines of our hospital at Okan University. To ensure seamless communication, we provide you with an English-speaking translator, allowing you to effortlessly interact with the entire medical team on the day of the intervention. Before the hair transplant, a thorough blood test and initial consultation with the doctor will be conducted to assess your suitability. Employing the renowned FUE technique, widely known for its effectiveness, our hair transplant procedure guarantees a painless experience throughout both the intervention and the recovery phase. 

Traveling to Turkey: Documentation Requirements 

When embarking on your journey to Turkey, it is imperative to possess either a valid Passport or National Identity Document, depending on your country of origin. However, it is crucial to ensure that the expiration date of the document is at least six months beyond your anticipated arrival in the country. For certain countries, it is advisable to consult the Turkish embassy regarding visa requirements, as issued by the Turkish government.



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