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ClinicsAestepool Clinic Reviews

Aestepool Clinic Reviews

The Aestepool Clinic, overseen by Dr. Ahmed ALTAN, can be found in the posh neighborhood of Sisli, on the European side of Istanbul. Since “human and health are more essential than everything else,” they are always working to improve their practices.

The Aestepool Clinic rents out space on the ninth level of the hospital so that they can carry out hair transplant procedures. The clinic is a frontrunner in hair transplant surgery in Istanbul since its cutting-edge equipment guarantees the finest quality results possible. People who accompany the patients have access to the on-site hospital eatery. Patients also have the option of requesting a lunch of Turkish or European fare to be served to them during the operation.

The clinic’s excellent standards and cutting-edge technology allow them to deliver comforts like blood testing on the same day as the surgery and a host of additional services. Dr. Ahmed Altan, the leader of the medically trained crew, oversees the whole hair transplant process and performs the crucial steps himself for each patient. Everyone on the team is accountable for something specific and therefore strives for excellence in that area.

The Aestepool Clinic in Turkey is a top-notch facility for hair transplant procedures. It stands out from the competition because it tailors treatment specifically to the needs of each patient.  He executes the procedure and is accountable for its critical steps. Given the small volume of procedures they perform each month and his presence at each hair transplant, it’s clear that they take their work extremely seriously.

Reasonable prices, good quality of care, and minimal time spent waiting are the main benefits of having a hair transplant in a facility in Turkey. They have representatives in numerous European states, so if you’re contemplating obtaining a hair transplant in Turkey, you may acquire the greatest advice by connecting with their representatives in your native country.

Online Consultation Services

The first point of contact is facilitated via an online consultation. You will need to send five well-lit, clearly focused images so they can assess the likelihood that you would be a good fit for the hair transplantation. The next step is to fill out a questionnaire that can be used as evidence of your fitness.

Dr Ahmed Altan-Aestepool Clinic

Aestepool Doctor Ahmed

The highly trained hair transplant specialist started his medical study and completed several semesters there in Sofia, Bulgaria. After that, he spent additional two years studying at Germany’s prestigious Goethe University where he could concentrate on his medical courses.

Dr. Altan studied hard to earn his plastic surgery degree and has continued his education ever since. He is widely recognized in Turkey as the go-to guy for hair transplants, and for good reason: he’s a hair transplantation expert.

Turkish society holds Dr. Ahmed Altan in high esteem. The expert hair transplant surgeon is currently based in Istanbul, where he is seen applying his years of education and experience to use at local clinics. Approximately 9,000 people have had hair transplant surgery conducted by Dr. Altan, many of whom have claimed considerable increases in life quality and fulfillment as a response to their newfound optimism.



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