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ClinicsDr. Soho Clinic Reviews

Dr. Soho Clinic Reviews

The Dr. Soho Clinic is a private medical facility that offers a wide range of medical specialties. It can be found in Istanbul, Turkey, on the well-known street of Nisantasi. The Dr. Soho Clinic offers a variety of services, including those in the disciplines of plastic surgery, dentistry, hair transplantation, and a great many other fields relating to the treatment of general health conditions while taking into consideration the requirements of the patient. Adults are the only patients seen by Dr. Soho Clinic. The majority of the clinic’s patients come from the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), Europe, and the Balkans. At the Dr. Soho Clinic, the organisation of patients’ journeys begins with the creation of individualised treatment plans based on the advice of the experts and the expectations of the patients.

The Dr. Soho Clinic is making an effort to build language and cultural communication with the physicians and other healthcare professionals, as well as to enable a two-way information flow between patients and healthcare personnel.

Dr. Soho Clinic and Travel Services

The clinic provides services in a range of different fields, such as treatment planning and patient accommodation, as well as treatment transfer that is regarded to be the most appropriate. It is a business that handles the process of the patient in the most effective manner possible from the beginning to the finish of the treatment, and its success is based on the patient’s level of happiness throughout the procedure. At the Dr. Soho Clinic, they provide a variety of transport options for local travel, translation services, a pick-up service from hotels, and a pick-up service from airports.

The Clinic Mission

The Dr. Soho Clinic is an innovative organisation that is at the forefront of providing trustworthy, patient-focused, and high-quality services at the pinnacle of medical advancement. They do this at the greatest level possible. They are experts in, place a high priority on patient and employee safety, honour patient rights, are environmentally conscious, educate skilled healthcare personnel, are inventive, and are always working to improve themselves.

The Clinic Vision

To become a healthcare organisation that serves as a model in terms of its modern management system, medical practises, and technological advancements; one that satisfies the requirements of the society as a whole as well as the requirements of all of its patients; and one that is primarily preferred in accordance with international standards thanks to these characteristics.

The Clinic Quality Policy

The clinic’s foundation is built on national and international standards, and its mission is to provide excellent care by measuring and improving processes with an eye toward patient and worker satisfaction, encouraging staff growth through regular workshops and seminars, and enlisting the active participation of upper management to spread this philosophy throughout the clinic.


The clinic may be found in Istanbul, Turkey at Abdi Pekçi Cad. No. 57, Reasürans Han 1 Kat. 3, 34365. The clinic’s location’s accessibility to persons with disabilities, availability to public transportation, and wheelchair-accessible restrooms are all wonderful features.



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