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ClinicsSuzermed Clinic Reviews

Suzermed Clinic Reviews

Suzermed Clinic is a medical facility that specializes in hair transplants and cosmetic treatments. Plastic surgeons, supervising nurses, hair transplant experts, technicians, interpreters, and other service support officers are all part of the industry’s team of experts. Suzermed Clinic collaborates with Acbadem Altunizde Hospital, one of the most prestigious medical facilities in Turkey, to provide hair transplantation surgery. 

They have many different medical centers, units, and departments, all of which are JCI and ISO-accredited. The Suzermed clinic has cutting-edge medical equipment, a staff of caring medical experts, and a goal of providing exceptional service to every one of its patients. Suzermed Clinic, a leader in Turkey’s Hair Transplantation sector, is known for its excellent reputation among patients worldwide. 

The facility is designed to blend in with the area’s high-end housing in the Altunizade neighborhood. The structure is simple and peaceful because it is made of only natural materials and tones. The lobby, dayrooms, and cafeteria are all designed with the convenience of the patient’s loved ones in mind. 

Acibadem Altunizade Hospital’s wide and spacious facilities, modern architectural design, and infrastructure outfitted with cutting-edge technical items were all designed with the patient’s comfort and safety in mind.  

It takes less than an hour to drive from Istanbul Airport to Acbadem Altunizde Hospital, where Suzermed Clinic is housed. It is conveniently located near the southern coast of Istanbul and is surrounded by ancient neighborhoods that are just a stone’s throw away from several parks. The clinic is easily accessible by the city’s extensive public transportation network. 

The clinic’s specialists are authorities on DHI and FUE hair transplants, as well as PRP therapy to stimulate hair growth. As a general rule, a patient’s stay in the clinic for the operation is limited to no more than 4 days. The cost includes not just the hair transplant procedure but also transportation, lodging, and other amenities. Suzermed is the hair transplant clinic of choice for patients located in the United Kingdom, Germany, France, and Russia. 


Fatih Ozturk  

Since earning his medical degree at Marmara University in 2006, hair loss expert Dr. Fatih Ozturk has been performing hair transplant surgery. Before joining Suzermed, he worked for several other hair transplant centers in Turkey and attended several international workshops to further his knowledge in the field. He is fluent in Turkish and has a fundamental understanding of the English language. Dr. Ozturk offers DHI and FUE procedures at Suzermed, a well-equipped clinic that operates in tandem with Acibadem Altunizade Hospital. 

Sari, Cigdem Karadag 

Dr. Cigdem is a well-educated expert in her field. She attended both Selcuk University and Ghent University Belgium. She also has extensive training and experience in reconstructive, plastic, and aesthetic surgery thanks to her time at the Meram Faculty of Medicine, Necmettin Erbakan University. Years of experience in the field and rigorous academic training allowed her to become a prominent plastic surgeon whose skill has benefited countless patients. 

She is a renowned expert in skin care and breast surgery, among other procedures, and has helped countless patients find joy and confidence in their appearance as a result of her work.



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