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DoctorsDr. Gary Linkov Review

Dr. Gary Linkov Review

In the heart of New York City, resides Dr. Linkov, an esteemed facial plastic surgeon, who is unwaveringly dedicated to boosting his patients’ self-assurance through aesthetic improvements. Possessing an extraordinary background as a surgeon educated at two esteemed Ivy League institutions, coupled with advanced artistic training in Italy, he stands as a singular authority in the realm of aesthetic facial and hair procedures. One of his groundbreaking accomplishments is the pioneering of the revolutionary Elelyft™ lip lift technique, a cutting-edge advancement in facial procedures. However, his impact stretches beyond just practice; he has shared his knowledge extensively with global surgeons through his writings about the procedure. 

Aiding Veterans and Educating Future Surgeons 

Dr. Linkov’s fame is not solely due to his inventive procedures but also his unwavering support for veterans. He has earned recognition for performing complex nasal surgeries on U.S. war veterans who require them. Additionally, his role as an educator at NYU, where he imparts rhinoplasty techniques to residents specializing in head and neck surgery, reflects his commitment to pushing the boundaries of the field. 

Blending exceptional surgical skill with a keen artistic eye, Dr. Linkov introduces a distinct blend of proficiency into his plastic surgery practice. This unique blend becomes evident through the numerous accolades he has garnered, including an appearance on the Dr. Oz Show, where he unveiled his cutting-edge needleless PRP hair restoration procedure. 

Journey to Excellence 

Born and raised in New York, Dr. Linkov graduated as the second-highest achiever from Cornell University, with a focus on psychology. Alongside his academic pursuits, he immersed himself in advanced artistic training, encompassing painting, sketching, and sculpture. Notably, he was selected for a six-week art scholarship program at the Lorenzo de’ Medici Italian International Institute in Florence, Italy. 

Medical Education and Research Excellence 

Following this, he obtained his Medical Degree from Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons, a renowned institution that awarded the first Doctor of Medicine degree in the U.S. During this phase, Dr. Linkov engaged in advanced research in head and neck cancer at the prestigious Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. His dedication extended to volunteering as an art therapist at Wilma’s Studio and leading his school’s Smile Train chapter, offering assistance to children with cleft lips and palates. 

Dr. Linkov further polished his skills through a residency in Head & Neck Surgery at the Temple Head and Neck Institute, including Fox Chase Cancer Center in Philadelphia. He culminated this phase as the Chief Resident. During this time, he benefited from the mentorship of leaders in facial reconstructive surgery and oculoplastic surgery. 

Acclaim and Recognition 

Dr. Linkov’s contributions have garnered widespread recognition, including a spot among the top three U.S. plastic surgeons for reconstruction, patient care, body modification, and achieving natural-looking outcomes, as rated by USA Today. 

His achievements have also earned him features in prominent national and regional publications like Allure, USA Today, New York, Huff Post, and InStyle. Furthermore, Dr. Linkov’s inclusion in the prestigious Super Doctors New York directory stands as a testament to his accomplishments. 

In summary, Dr. Linkov’s journey exemplifies an unwavering commitment to artistry, education, and surgical innovation, ensuring that his patients not only receive exceptional care but also regain their confidence through aesthetic enhancements.


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