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ClinicsHGC Hair Growth Centre London Reviews

HGC Hair Growth Centre London Reviews

The Hair Growth Centre can be found in a number of the United Kingdom’s most important cities and is outfitted with the most recent hair loss treatment equipment. The Hair Care Group’s (HCG) hair centres have undergone significant growth in recent years, becoming one of the most prestigious hair transplant clinics in Europe. They have more than fifty people working there to ensure the highest quality care for their patients. They state that they have performed more than 2500 hair transplant procedures. The clinic requires its medical personnel, facilities, and doctors to adhere to extremely stringent expectations. The treatment technique is carried out by the doctor at this facility. Because of their extensive prior experience, the medical professionals at this facility are able to extract the maximum benefit from the resources available. The outstanding quality of the outcomes has inspired a great deal of confidence in the Hair Growth Centre’s clinics among patients. Their specialist has attended to a large number of below-par hair transplants and they are able to treat a variety of hair loss conditions, as well as all age ranges, and both men and women can use them. It is one of the most successful hair transplant clinics in London, UK.

HGC Practitioners

HGC Hair Growth Centre

The Hair Growth Centre (also known as HGC) is a reputable hair clinic located in London, United Kingdom. Hair Treatments are carried out by knowledgeable hair specialists who have years of experience. One of the most important surgeons at the clinic is Dr. Zakar Rafiq, who is also a member of ISHRS. He has worked in the field for more than seven years and is responsible for up to four thousand successful surgical procedures. FUE is Dr. Vishal Nayak’s area of expertise; he has more than seven years of experience on the pitch. In addition to them, there is a team of skilled surgeons and technicians who have received extensive training working at the clinic. They provide a complimentary consultation in which patients can explore the various treatment choices available to them, such as un-shaven hair transplants, afro hair transplants, PRP therapy, and so on.

HGC’s Mission Statement

“To use the most cutting-edge technology breakthroughs that are now accessible in order to bring about a paradigm shift in the industry of hair care.”

HGC Cancer Kids Program

The Hair Growth Centre provides treatment for hair loss all over the world for a variety of causes; although many people believe that hair loss is a problem that only affects adults, the unfortunate reality is that hair loss also occurs in youngsters. These children may experience hair loss for a variety of reasons; however, the therapy they are receiving for cancer is the most common cause of this traumatic hair loss. Once a child has provided their information, they will instantly be entered into the clinic raffle, and two names will be picked out at random. This is all thanks to the lottery scheme that HGC has developed, in which two children are given free treatment once per month (every month). Giving back to those who are less fortunate and are suffering is important to HGC’s corporate culture and values.

Additionally, HGC is aware of how significant self-confidence and the ability to resume regular life are to a person’s capacity to have their hair restored. The effects are the same regardless of whether the person experiencing hair loss is an adult or a toddler. As a result, the Hair Growth Centre provides children who have beat cancer with the head of hair they require so that they can return to their regular life. It is the clinic’s approach of making the crucial transition from the hospital to everyday life a little bit simpler and restoring patients’ confidence in themselves.



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