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NewsMadame Safiye Clinic Reviews

Madame Safiye Clinic Reviews

The Madame Safiye Health Group is a private clinic located in Istanbul, Turkey, that specializes in hair transplantation. Dr. Safiye Kurt, the clinic’s founder and primary specialist, has worked in the fields of hair transplantation and cosmetic medicine for more than 16 years. The clinic specializes in hair restoration procedures. During this time period, she has successfully completed over 25,000 hair transplant procedures on both male and female patients. Dr. Safiye Kurt is the first medical professional in Turkey to be awarded a certificate in hair transplantation, and she is also a member of the European Hair Research Society. She holds the distinction of becoming the first Turkish hair transplant specialist to be granted a license to work in the United Arab Emirates. The transplantation techniques of FUE (follicular unit extraction) and PRP (platelet-rich plasma) are utilized by Madame Safiye Health Group. Dr. Safiye Kurt also employs the no-cut method, which makes hair transplantation more bearable for both men and women who don’t want to shave their heads before the procedure and who don’t want to risk damaging their hair in the process.

Madame Safiye

Educational Qualification

Madam Safiye is among the most highly respected specialists in Turkey in the disciplines of both medical aesthetics and hair transplantation. She is a pioneer in both of these areas. After graduating from the Health Vocational School in Turkey, she continued her education in Germany, where she received specialized instruction in endoscopic and laparoscopic procedures. Following her return to Turkey, she signed up for and successfully completed the Advanced Medical Technology training conference that was conducted in Ankara. She received an A+ for her efforts. After successfully completing the several hair transplantation and medical aesthetics programs that she enrolled in, she was awarded a number of different diplomas. Madame Safiye, who completed her dermatology residency in Russia and is now a member of EHRS (the European Hair Restoration Society), was the first person in Turkey to be awarded the first certificate pertaining to hair transplantation. She is a member of EHRS (the European Hair Restoration Society).

Services offered by Madame Safiye Clinic

Madame Safiye Clinic Turkey is one of the most well-known and reputable medical cosmetic institutes in Turkey. They specialize in hair transplantation. Dr. Safia Kurt, who also established the clinic, serves as the medical director of the hospital. She has earned the very first award given out for hair transplantation in Turkey, and she is renowned internationally for the work that she has done and the contributions that she has made. In addition to this, she is the first cosmetic surgeon in the UAE to be officially acknowledged and awarded a license. Madame Safiye is dedicated to restoring your natural beauty while simultaneously elevating your sense of self-worth through the services she provides. Over the course of his career, Dr. Safiye has performed more than 15,000 surgeries and 25,000 hair transplants. In addition to plastic surgery, the facility offers therapies including

  • Hair transplantation.
  • Aesthetic and Surgical Dental Procedures
  • Medical Aesthetic Procedures

Why choose Madame Safiye Clinic?

  • In order to provide patients with effective treatment, the center is certain to make use of cutting-edge medical procedures such as FUE and PRP.
  • Madame Safiye is one of the known hair transplant and medical aesthetic facilities in Turkey.
  • The clinic is operated by one of the most prominent and successful cosmetic surgeons in the world, Dr. Safiya, who treats patients from more than fifty different countries.
  • In addition to this, Madame Safiye offers a wide variety of facilities, such as translators, accommodations, assistance with obtaining visas, and tourism facilities.



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