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Top 4 Best Hair Transplant Clinics in The World

When we speak of things that add to our overall attractiveness, hair easily emerges as one of them. It is that part of the head that you can always readjust to suit your innermost desires. If you wish to blend into a new fashion, your hair is likely one of the first parts you’ll consider.

However, looking good is a feature that can disappear easily. Your hair, in particular, is something that you can lose due to several factors. Sometimes, it is your genetic attributes; other times, it could be the fact that you’re growing older. And in some different cases, it could also be a host of other reasons.

Best Hair Transplantation Clinics In the World

1. Capilclinic, Istanbul


If you’re looking for a hospital that gives you comfort while attending to your medical needs, then Capilclinic is likely the best option for you. The is a privately run clinic that was founded in 2015. However, despite its relatively short time of existence, it boasts some of the best services in state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment. The hospital also manages a hotel to cater to the needs of overseas clients. It is located in Istanbul, a flourishing city for tourists in Turkey.

2. Bernstein Medical, New York

Bernstein Medical

This is a clinic that was founded in the year 2005. It was established by Dr. Robert Bernstein, a globally acclaimed hair specialist. The clinic is an ideal center for the treatment of alopecia in both males and females. It is situated in Manhattan, New York. The clinic specializes in using both the FUE and FUT methods of hair restoration for its patients. If you do not live within the city, there are also online services to get in touch. Here, you can have previous hair transplantation surgeries repaired.

3. Hasson & Wong Clinic

Hasson and Wong

This clinic is located in Vancouver. It is one with a cosmopolitan outlook as it boasts of patients that span continents across the globe. It has a troop of highly proficient personable people who have performed many hair transplant operations in the past. Testifying to this blossoming record are the patients who have gone ahead to publicize their feelings.

You will find people who show off proud results from their surgeries at the clinic across the internet. If you seek people whose achievements speak for them, you are very sure to land at this clinic.

4. Harley Street Clinic, UK

Harley Street Clinic

This clinic is located in London, United Kingdom. It was established in 1995 by a visionary who aimed to deliver the best services his patients could ever get. Over the years, this dream can be confidently said to have been realized and even expanded. The clinic possesses thousands of dedicated staff who are versed in their specialties.

Apart from hair transplantation, the clinic is the place to go for treatments of babies and children. It’s specialists work in Health Institutions in the UK. They are known for deliberately talking about each patient and have been awarded by patients who have come for their various needs here. The clinic also sports excellent diagnostic equipment that matches 21st century standards and delivers outstanding results.

What Is Hair Transplantation

Hair transplantation is a genius insight into the medical world. It is a ready way to restore what you have lost in terms of your hair. A transplant is a surgical procedure that involves the transfer of hair follicles from a region known as the donor area to a new spot called the receiving area. The hair removed is often from a location that has been identified as resistant to balding. For instance, the back of your head.

Specialists use this process to counter balding in a person. However, it is not limited to the head alone as transplantation can be done for the brows, eyelashes to restore pubic hair and to repair damage sustained during an accident or a similar surgical process to modify looks. A team of highly trained specialists conducts the entire procedure, and there is little to no risk of side effects. It also does not involve any surgically invasive methods.

Also, it is essential to realize that hair transplantation and skin grafting are two different things. Transplantation is a moderate extraction of hair follicles from the selected spot, while skin grafting involves removing surrounding areas of the hair follicle.

This surgical procedure is not a new method. The discovery has been around for as far back as the late 19th century when Menahem Hodara transplanted hair to cover bare parts that had been affected by favus. In the United States, it is an innovation that came about in the 1950s. As such, it has been tested for quite a long period and proved to be equally successful.

Before getting a hair transplant, there are things you must consider before you embark on the project. In this section, this article discusses two transplant methods to arm you with the requisite knowledge. We also consider some essential things which you must do before going on to get the transplant.

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)

This is a popular method used in hair transplantation. In recent times, the acceptability of this technique has risen due to the relative advantages it provides. For patients who prefer to maintain short hair or keep parts of their head exposed, FUE is likely the most desirable method. It is one wherein the risk of scarring is highly reduced. The patient hardly has to handle noticeable scars as the ones acquired are small and can disappear quickly. The process is also one wherein marks from the procedure are tiny spots. Ideally, the patient can leave the same day.

On the other hand, Follicular Unit Extraction or FUT involves the removal of larger strips of hair from the donor area. Compared to FUE, it takes a more extended amount of time to heal.

Things To Do Before Going For A Hair Transplantation

Do Intensive Research

It is wise that you do not embark on surgery without doing an adequate level of research. Before you go on, you must indulge in learning about a surgical hair transplant’s nuances. You must also acquaint yourself with all the pitfalls which may exist in the process. The knowledge will help you determine how willing you are to adjust to the likely disadvantages and weigh the benefits against the costs.

Explore Alternative Procedures

Hair transplantation is not a cure that is set in stone. The rules can always change depending on the choices that you make. As alternatives to surgical hair restoration, you can find out relevant drugs to facilitate regrowth. There are FDA approved remedies for the regrowth of hair, and anyone could be the perfect fit for you.

Talk To Other People

Conversing with others who have undertaken hair transplants could be the difference between making a choice you would like or wouldn’t. During the periods leading up to your transplant, ensure you interact with friends and family who might have more insights about transplants. You are more likely to get a personalized and less technical detail of the encounter at this level. You will also be able to relate to it better.

Know Your Specialist

Different doctors are available to help you implement the procedure, while doing your research, ensure that you include queries on who the perfect person might be for you. You need to find out the practitioner’s history to discover his level of experience in practice. You should check for his success rates as well as testimonials from former patients. This information can be sourced from a variety of online outlets. Additionally, this information is such that it prepared you to meet the person you will be spending a substantial part of your surgery day with. It also empowers you to decide from a long list of experts the one that suits you most.

The Hospital, Too

It is essential that you do not miss out on knowing the clinic you will get the transplant from. Try to dig around on the clinic for a clearer picture of what facilities they possess, their service standards, and every other thing that you may find necessary. The rates charged are also a consideration that you should not neglect.

Re-align Your Habits

Getting a hair transplant has a host of preliminary habits that the patient must maintain before embarking on it. You need to acquire information on what or what is not appropriate for you to do before the surgery. This includes such things as the intake of alcohol before the surgery day. It could also entail drug use or consumption of diets that may be inappropriate. You need to be conscious of these things to avoid effects that may backfire on the whole process. Certain violations have also been known to lead to bleeding on the operated spots. In that way, ensure you stick to the rules.

Talk Deeply With Your Doctor

Finally, before taking the surgery, have a long conversation with your specialist. During this session, you can inform him of your hair preferences and everything else he should know. You should also provide comprehensive inflation to allow him to determine the appropriateness or otherwise of it. Remember to ask as many questions as may come to your mind too.

Final Thoughts

From anywhere in the world, if you are looking to get the best hair transplant services, you can make use of any of these clinics across the world. They deliver excellent results and are reputable in the market.


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