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A certain amount of hair loss is considered natural; however, unexpected, or rapid hair loss, a common concern for both men and women, may indicate an underlying health condition. Find out what factors contribute to hair thinning and which treatments most effectively restore your hair to its fullest, healthiest state.

According to the American Academy of Dermatology, losing anywhere from 50 to 100 hairs daily is quite normal. Suppose you have observed that you are shedding excess hair more than usual. In that case, you should consult with a medical professional who is board certified to determine whether or not the excessive hair shedding might be an indication of a medical ailment. They can assist in the development of a treatment approach that takes into account the factors that are contributing to your hair loss.

People considering traveling to medical care outside of their nation can rely on Proesthe, a pioneering company in the area of medical tourism, to supply them with the most effective treatment options available. They offer their expertise in the fields of hair transplant surgery, hair treatment, and all manner of cosmetic surgical procedures. Its objective is to achieve the highest possible level of patient satisfaction by providing the most effective treatment methods and the most desirable outcomes for every one of its clients on an individual basis.

They will direct you toward the treatment alternatives and procedures that are the most up-to-date, following the specifications that you provide and the healthcare options that are the most appropriate for you.

It is the mission of Proesthe to provide patients worldwide with services of the highest possible caliber, and the organization places a strong emphasis not only on quality but also on a strong sense of responsibility. Patients traveling from other countries to receive treatment in well-equipped hospitals with great operating rooms and qualified medical staff can take advantage of the most comprehensive and high-quality care packages we offer.

Proesthe developed additional VIP services, including transportation and accommodations, in response to increased patient demand. These services are intended to make patients feel more at ease while undergoing treatment.

Dr. Hamid Aydin’s Professional Experience

Dr. Hamid Aydin leads the hair transplant department at Liv hospital in Istanbul, which is located in Istanbul. His experience in the therapeutic setting spans over 24 years. Dr. Hamid Aydin received his internal medicine degree from the Dicle University faculty in 1993.  Since 1994, the medical practitioner has been providing care and working at various hospitals and clinics around Turkey. Dr. Hamid Aydin has completed numerous training courses in the medical sector throughout his career. These courses include mesotherapy, laser hair removal, emergency medical treatment, and hair transplant.

Dr. Hamid Aydin hosts his programs and is frequently invited to participate in other programs focused on plastic surgery. Additionally, he serves as the head of the Turkish Hair Transplant Association, is an adjunct professor at Yeditepe University, and is an ISHRS member. Dr. Hamid Aydin is also the author of several articles published in medical publications and on other websites.



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