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The 5 Best Professional Hair Straighteners

There are different hairs, including wavy, straight, and curly, the most daunting type of hair. Curly hairs are generally hard to maintain and require more effort than straight or wavy hair. However, whichever way you look at it, women tend prefer straight hair. This is thanks to personal preference and the improved looks that it offers.

In turn, a hair straightener becomes an essential tool for most women. Precisely, it’s allows women to flatten their hair and enjoy the very best look that they deserve. We bet you’re looking to get a hair straightener yourself.

Well, there are various options available in the market. Unfortunately, choosing the best option might not be a walk in the park. Well, you don’t have to worry about that anymore. In this article, we’ll introduce you to five best professional hair straighteners.

Why Do You Need A Hair Straightener?

In case you’re wondering why you need one, you need to get your hair straightener for the following reasons.

It Helps You Discover the Versatility of Your Hair

Hair straighteners offer you various styling options beyond the regular curly hair or frizzy, tangled straight hair. Generally, straightening gives your hair smooth edges and a crispy look.

Game Changer

A hair straightener is indeed a game-changer. Often, we wonder how supermodels arrive at their superficial looks enhanced by different luscious hairs and assume they are wigs. However, you can achieve the same looks and more with a hair straightener or a flat iron.

They Are Multi-Purpose

Although often referred to as a straightener or flat iron, its use is not limited to straightening hairs. It encompasses changing straight hairs to curls or wavy.

It Improves Your Knowledge of Hair

A hair straightener helps you research how you can improve your hair texture and manage heat styling. Also, it makes you love your natural hair more and allows you to try bangs.

Factors to Consider in the Purchase of Hair Straightener

It may seem so simple to get a hair straightener when you are less bothered about the quality. However, you should not compromise quality. Hence, the factors that affect the quality of hair straightener are:


Straighteners or flat irons are not always flat contrary to many beliefs. The shape of the plate and the surface should be slightly rounded, making it easy to make curls. If it is purely flat with sharp edges, its function will be restricted.

Wide Plate

For full volume hair (long and thicker hair), wider plates are a necessary feature. This is as a result of the fact that it gathers more heat and hair at a time. It also reduces the chance of heat damage. On the other hand, a narrow plate is suitable for short and thin hairs and are very portable.

The Quality of the Plate

Straighteners have plates that are produced from various materials such as titanic, metallic, etc. It is essential because it determines the heat temperature, and a high temperature would normally determine the duration of straightening. That is, the higher the heat temperature, the faster and efficient it performs.


It’s best to go for options that comes with an adjustability capacity for the heat output. Usually, these options will have at least three settings for low, medium, and high heat. For fragile hair, it is best to put on low heat. It is similar to the basic processes of heat in cooking.

Price vs. Value

Are the features worth the price given? Cheap straighteners don’t last long because they break easily. Also, they don’t spread heat out on the wig evenly, which may lead to damage.

On the other hand, a straightener, although pricey, have a certain years’ guarantee and quality to hold out for long. The value takes priority over the cost.

The 5 Best Professional Hair Straighteners

Now, here are the five best options you can opt for.

1- Dyson Corrale Straightener

Dyson is a famous brand in Australia with a good reputation. Their Corrale Straightener is one of the best sellers in 2020 and most recognized in terms of awards. It is built without a cord for high performance that prevents damage.

The plate made from a manganese copper alloy is the first of its kind and gathers hair with much control. It allows you to create styles effortlessly and look stunning at low heat and with less risk of heat damage.

Furthermore, you experience less breakage with this hair straightener, which minimizes frizziness and helps place a hold on short flyaway. It was also fashioned to create a diverse range of styles that are not limited to beach waves, curls, or straight hairs.

Another unique feature of this straightener is the cord-free quality. It can recharge itself, usually within one hour and ten minutes, and equally functions like a corded straightener if not more effective. The reviews gathered have been amazing. Go for the best!

2- GHD Gold Professional Styler

Good Hair Day has always lived up to its name by producing high-end hair straighteners utilizing various technological innovations. This particular model of straightener is uniquely identified with the following features

  • Two heat sensors that promote excellent styling.
  • Medium temperature plate.
  • Great voltage level
  • Automatic power off when not in use.
  • Portable plate guard etc.

The features help you achieve a perfect styling look with less frizzy and untangled hair.

3- Silver Bullet Keratin 230 Ceramic Straightener

This straightener is the most suitable for curly hairs, although it also works with other hairstyles. It has a temperature setting of varying degrees (160-230) that gives you control over the heat styling, and it saves time as a result of its one-time styling results.

The plate is a ceramic of 25mm and hence, does not damage the hair unless put on the wrong settings. If you’re looking for a versatile straightener that does all the job, Keratin is your last stop.

4- Philips Pro Range Straightener

The straightener is produced by one of the famous brands that deals with electronics. Philips is a great brand that has, over the years, eased the standard of living by providing excellent and quality tools at affordable price.

One of them is this straightener. Apart from being cost-effective, it is made up of a titanium plate of about 110mm that controls its heat temperature. It is compatible with all grades of hairstyles and very versatile in styling. It evenly distributes heat and protects the hair from breakage or damage.

5- Panasonic EH-HS99 Hydrating Hair Straightener

This straightener is a centimeter longer than most straighteners and is designed mainly for protective styling. It is very portable and heats up rapidly while providing hydration to the hair. Hence, it reduces frizz.

Final Thoughts

Majorly, heat styling is unavoidable. Hence, it is important to consider ones that offer heat protection while considering your hairstyles. We have listed five of the best options here. So, read up and enjoy!


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