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NewsRegrowing the Pubic Hair - All you Need to Know.

Regrowing the Pubic Hair – All you Need to Know.

For the past few decades, the majority of people have favored the clean shave irrespective of gender or race. However, there have been several debates in recent times about the need to allow people the choice of whether to keep or shave it. While these debates might not be ending very soon, keeping it full seems to be the new trend, thanks to many celebrities advocating for it. The pubic hair grows differently in each individual, and apart from growth rate, its color, texture, and quantity are also different.

As we get to the puberty phase, our bodies experience a major increase in sex hormones, resulting in the production of rough, curly hair that begins to grow rapidly around the genital region. This hair is believed to have a specific function and various advantages. Some of these functions furthers its hygiene and overall health.

Keeping or trimming is a personal decision. So if you intend to keep it, this article will explicitly discuss the benefit involved and its regrowth process. So read along and discover the perfect steps to regrow your pubic hair.

What is the Purpose of the Pubic Hair?

Even if it’s not common knowledge, the pubic hair, like other components of the human body, serves a purpose. Some of these purposes include the reduction of friction and the protection of the delicate genital area. However, pubic hair, like nose hair and eyelashes, can accumulate dirt from debris and other microorganisms threatening the genital region.

The pubic hair also carries the ability to protect the private parts from germs and infections. These infections include sexually transmitted infections, cellulitis, vaginitis, urinary tract infection, and yeast infection.

Is the Pubic Hair Unhygienic?  

This is the general but wrong assumption. However, pubic hair, just like hair in the other areas of your body, receives oil secretion through the skin and bacteria that might result in a stronger odor than the other region. However, proper cleaning and maintenance will get rid of this and keep you clean. So, No! The pubic hair isn’t unhygienic.

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Why Do People Choose to Remove it?

pubic hair

Many factors influence the removal of pubic hair, some of which include:

Social Norms

Many people decide to remove their pubic hairs because of the societal belief that it is unhygienic. So this decision is believed to conform to social norms that meet aesthetic standards.

Personal Preference

In some cases, the decision to remove pubic hair is strictly personal. Individuals who choose to remove their pubic hair state different reasons for this decision, such as comfortability and increased sexual confidence.

Increased Sensation

Some people are convinced that removing pubic hair increases the genital sensation experienced while having sex. While some studies might also have confirmed that the removal of the pubic hair and sexual functioning are interlinked, it has also been debated that additional research is required to discover the link between pubic hair removal and sexual sensation.

Is Pubic Hair Removal Risky?

Removing your pubic can be quite risky as it exposes you to different infections and injuries. Some of the common risks associated with pubic hair removal include.


Getting injured during the removal process is common among pubic hair groomers. Unfortunately, many groomers experience these injuries during or after the hair has been removed. The most well-known injuries associated with pubic hair removal are cuts, burns, and rashes.


As mentioned above, one of the benefits of pubic hair is its ability to contain and protect the body from pathogens that could cause harm to the body. On the other hand, removing pubic hair makes you more vulnerable to infections like vaginitis, yeast infection, and urinary tract infections.

Staph Boils

The removal of pubic hair can occasionally lead to boils in the genital region. This might result from skin irritation and infections like cellulitis and folliculitis. At first, the boil appears as red bumps beneath the skin surface and might contain pus.

How do I Regrow my Pubic Hair?

The hair regrowth process requires a little dedication and a simple procedure, especially if you’re not used to keeping it. Below are easy steps to follow to regrow your pubic hair properly:

Get it Trimmed

To properly regrow your pubic hair, you might want to give it extra care. Just like you provide the hair in your head with constant trim to maintain clean and glowy hair, your pubic hair also requires such treatment. So purchase quality scissors, sterilize them, and give your pubic hair trim.

Applying a shaven cream also ensures the whole region gets trimmed neatly. It is also important to disinfect the blade if you’re using the razor.

Exfoliate the Pubic Area

So to prevent the trouble of ingrown hair, it is vital to exfoliate the pubic region properly. While scrubbing the region, you must ensure the process is mild and gentle to prevent getting injured. The application of coconut oil will help prevent bumps, and to ensure more circulation, you can easily massage the region using a dry brush.

Cleanse Gently and Thoroughly

A proper and gentle cleansing routine is important when growing your pubic hair. This process helps clean the sweat that might have stayed on your growing hair and removes dirt and different types of bacteria. When cleansing your pubic hair, use mild soap and sufficient water.

Let it Breathe

Lastly, it is important to prevent irritation from accumulated dirt by choosing cotton underwear. This way, heat is minimal in the area, and air can flow through without hassle. Frequently changing your underwear daily goes a long way in maintaining pubic hair hygiene. So ensure you stick to this always.


Going through this article, you would have come across many revelations about pubic hair. The decision to keep or remove the pubic hair belongs to you. So if you have decided to regrow and maintain your pubic hair, the above-listed routine will make the process easy and also ensure your pubic hair grows out perfectly and hygienically.



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