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Two Effective Ways of Using Argan Oil for Hair

With a surge in the number of people choosing home remedies for hair care routines, it’s exciting to see how much interest there is in natural oils. People rave about how they use natural oils, and the direct implication is how much awareness there is about the significance of oil to the hair and its benefits. Others who haven’t joined the train will stop at nothing to get the best oil for their hair.

Out of all the natural oils available, argan oil remains the best. It’s become impossible to overemphasize how effective it is for the hair because its benefits are far-reaching and almost inexhaustible. However, there are specific ways of using argan oil for the hair, and it’ll be difficult to reap these benefits without knowing these ways.

If you’re curious about this, you’re at the best place to end your curiosity with knowledge. Here, we’ll discuss two of the most effective uses of argan oil for hair. So take a seat, and enjoy this short read.

The Two Most Effective Ways of Using Argan Oil for Hair

The following are the two effective ways of using argan oil to get the best possible outcome for your hair:

Using Argan Oil For Hair Styling

Instead of going for expensive styling products that are chemically processed with only a temporary effect on the hair, it’s better to choose argan oil as your styling product. Argan oil has equal effect with most of these products, even more, given that it doesn’t pose any side effects or consequences like those products. So to reap all the benefits of the oil as a styling product, there are ways to go about it.

1. Rubbing 

All you need to do is have about two to five droplets of the oil in your hand. You’re probably puzzled why you need to use so little. Well, too much of the oil might weigh down your hair follicles, which would be counterproductive.

So getting small droplets of the oil in your hand, you need to warm it up by rubbing your hands together. The oil is spread all over your palms, and you find it much easier to spread. Then you rub it in your hair evenly.

2. Finger-combing the Hair

After the oil is rubbed, you can then finger-comb the hair. The intention here is to distribute the oil all over the hair to have a uniform effect. You can begin at the end of the hair, working your way all through to the top.

This way is efficient for discovering frizz in the hair, and it’s perfect for allowing argan oil to work its magic to correct such frizz. After all, nobody wants frizzy hair, and you can banish it through this easy way while enhancing your hair volume and waves.

3. Massage the Oil Into the Scalp

You may need to dip only your fingers into the oil to massage the scalp properly. The oil can penetrate through the hair to the scalp, but you have to help it by massaging it in. There are two ways of doing this massage.

First is effleurage – a massage method that involves round stroking movements of the fingers all around the scalp. While the second is petrissage – a method that deals with scalp lifting and gentle kneading. The former is quite easier and more effective than the latter. But whichever one you choose, you’re sure to get the right effect.

4. Rinse After a Short Period

You don’t want to leave the oil on the hair without rinsing it off. But ensure you leave the oil in it for some time. This way, you will get the result you want.

5. Repeat the Process

To get the best result, you need to be consistent about it. And to be consistent, you have to repeat the process at least twice a week. Doing this requires patience before you get the results you want.

Using Argan Oil for Hair Mask

The second most effective way of using argan oil is using it for a hair mask, and the following are the ways to do it:

1. Rubbing

You’ll need about six to eight droplets of the oil on your palm, which you’ll rub together to spread across the pal. Once it’s well spread, you’ll need to apply it to your hair straight away. Ensure they are applied to all areas, and if the amount of the oil isn’t enough, you can add a few more droplets. Don’t forget that you’re applying it from bottom to top

2. Use a Shower Cap

Wear a shower cap after applying the oil to your hair to keep your hair covered. This is to retain heat in the hair to condition it properly. This heat is also needed to activate the oil for the hair to absorb it deep into your hair follicles. Other than a shower cap, you can opt for a hair bonnet.

3. Leave the Mask Overnight

After covering the hair, you leave it like that overnight to have wholesome hair conditioning with argan oil. If you can’t have it on for that long, you can leave it for about two hours. The point to note is that the longer the hair is covered, the deeper and better the conditioning effect the oil gives the hair.

4. Cleanse the Hair With Shampoo

Whether you’re leaving the oil in your hair overnight or for some hours, ensure you wash off the oil with shampoo whenever you’re done or awake. Doing this allows you to track the progress without the oil in your hair.

5. Repeat the Process

You have to maintain consistency while using argan oil to get expected results. Hence, you can repeat this process twice a week till you begin to see results.

Final Thoughts

No matter how you choose from the two mentioned above in applying argan oil to your hair, once you do it consistently and observe patience, you’ll surely get the results you want.


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