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DoctorsDr. Arturo González Marlia Reviews

Dr. Arturo González Marlia Reviews

At the core of every hair surgeon’s fervor lies the profound impact on an individual’s emotional and personal well-being. It’s not merely a profession; it’s a commitment ignited by the incredible value added to people’s lives. The exhilaration and empowerment that stem from successful hair graft transplants signify a pivotal moment in their professional journey. 

This extraordinary journey has unfolded over several decades and across diverse domains of Aesthetic Medicine. This vocation took root back in 1983, immediately after achieving a degree in Medicine and General Surgery. However, as destiny led them to the realm of hair surgery, a profound realization dawned upon them. Their hard-earned expertise must be dedicated to assisting those who grapple with hair-related predicaments. The realm of hair treatments transcends mere outward appearances; it’s about nurturing self-esteem and fostering personal assurance. 

The year 1998 marked a significant milestone as they, alongside Dr. Spagnoulo and Dr. Foglia, founded Medical Hair in Argentina. This revolutionary clinic was established with the sole purpose of combating hair loss through specialized treatments. Yet, their vision extended beyond superficial aesthetics; it was about restoring self-esteem to those who battled androgenetic alopecia. Their triumph laid the foundation for the expansion of Medical Hair, its influence spreading across various branches and franchises. Their unparalleled reputation crowned them as leaders in hair transplant practices across both Spain and South America. 

The narrative now leads to a new chapter in Vigo. In this city, their dedication is unwavering, aimed at helping individuals achieve enhanced hair density and volume. The ultimate aspiration is to enable individuals to genuinely connect with the reflections they see in the mirror. 

Drawing from a wealth of experience spanning over two decades, Medical Hair takes pride in its arrival in Vigo. What sets them apart is the promise of professionalism, embodied perfectly by one of the founders, Dr. Arturo González Marlia. A distinguished cosmetic surgeon renowned for his work with celebrities and elite athletes, as well as countless everyday individuals who have experienced the restoration of their hair and personal contentment. 

Recognizing that the journey to the clinic surpasses mere aesthetics, the clinic acknowledges the deep-seated need for individuals to feel content and confident in their appearance. It’s about individuals gazing at their reflections in the mirror and embracing the transformation they see. Undoubtedly, comfort within one’s physical presence bolsters self-esteem and facilitates empowerment. The clinic stands ready to guide and assist individuals in achieving this profound transformation. 

A Symphony of Expertise and Authentic Care 

At Medical Hair Vigo, visitors are met with an array of remarkably effective hair treatments and surgeries, all of which yield impressively natural and aesthetic outcomes. The clinic’s mastery over advanced hair microimplant techniques and cutting-edge anti-hair loss treatments, including hair mesotherapy, solidifies their position as experts in the field. 

Yet, beyond their exceptional technical skill, which is built upon a foundation of experience, reputation, and state-of-the-art equipment, lies a commitment to personalized guidance. Visitors to Medical Hair Vigo can expect tailored recommendations that align precisely with their unique circumstances. This, coupled with an empathetic and sincere approach, reinforces the clinic’s commitment to never make promises that cannot be fulfilled.


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