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ClinicsMemorial Antalya Hospital Reviews

Memorial Antalya Hospital Reviews

The Memorial Antalya Center is a first-rate healthcare provider that not only has specialist doctors and qualified medical staff members but also has academic staff who are well-known all over the world. These people can provide high-quality, effective patient care by combining their substantial expertise and years of practice with careful focus on the needs of their patients, patient-centered treatment standards, and patient care standards that emphasize quality.

The Memorial Antalya Hospital is a recognized healthcare institution that spans 15,000 square meters and provides patients with the following conveniences and services: 132 in-patient beds; four intensive-care units; five operating theaters; MRI and CT units; a state-of-the-art radiology department; 28 intensive care beds; intensive care units with personalized lighting to recreate day-night patterns; an American College of Embryology accredited embryology laboratory; a total administrative and medical staff of 400 people; a state-of-the-art radiology department; and imaging of the coronary arteries.

Harmony, quality, and tranquility are provided to patients and their relatives and friends in the hospital’s public areas and quiet rooms that are equipped with the latest technological advancements. Because of its location smack dab amid Kepez in Antalya, the Memorial Antalya Hospital is quite convenient for patients to visit. In addition to this, it is located near a significant number of tourist resorts, the airport, and the bus stand. The overarching goal of every unit in the hospital is to provide a daily contribution to the patient’s quality of life and its improvement or enhancement.

Memorial Antalya Hospital is located in the Mediterranean Part of Turkey, and Memorial Health Group is here to serve you with high-quality healthcare that is on par with the very best levels of care available anywhere in the globe.

The hospital has a contemporary architectural design, and the patient residences and living spaces include all of the amenities that one would anticipate finding in a five-star lounge, along with the level of quality and ease that will have a beneficial impact on the mental health of the patient.

Cooperation Between the Memorial Hospitals

Through paperless hospital characteristics and the sharing of imaging and laboratory data of cases across all of the hospitals operated by the group in Turkey, Memorial Antalya Hospital achieves medical synergy. Joint Commission International (JCI), the preeminent healthcare facility accreditation agency in the world, granted Memorial Antalya Hospital three consecutive certification periods of three years each shortly after the hospital first opened its doors.

Impact on Health-Related Travel

As Memorial’s representation in the Mediterranean Region, Memorial Antalya Hospital has made great progress in establishing Turkey as a leading destination for medical tourism, treating clients from 167 different countries.

The Technologies

The technical architecture of Memorial Hospitals Group is comprised of systems that are geared up with advanced technological apparatus. These systems are designed to conform to global standards and were constructed with the comfort of patients in mind. As a result of the cutting-edge equipment that is deployed, patients can be assured that their examination and treatment operations will be carried out in a way that is not only comfortable but also safe for them.



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