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NewsWhat If Your Habits Are the Cause of Your Dandruff Problem?

What If Your Habits Are the Cause of Your Dandruff Problem?

Dandruff can affect both men and women. This is one of the most common hair problems. Dandruff is caused by various factors, the most common of which is our bad habits. While experts claim that dandruff is caused by excessive oil release from scalp cells that develop and shed too quickly, fungus, a poor diet, and harsh chemicals, among other things, all of these only thrive when we do not adequately care for our hair and scalp. However, simple lifestyle changes can quickly remove dandruff.


Here are a few habits that can give you dandruff:

Excess and underuse of shampoo

When it comes to the problem of dandruff, improper use of shampoo can both serve as a perpetrator and perpetrator. That is, when not used in the right way, shampoos can cause dandruff and, likewise, when not used entirely. Experts have asserted that shampooing your hair every day is unnecessary. You should note that simply rinsing your hair with soap and warm water can efficiently remove basic dirt and debris on your hair. Only use shampoo to remove rigorous dirt and accumulated oil/build-ups, such as hair sebum.

Let’s see why this is so;

First, shampoo act as a drying agent against stubborn scalp grease or oil-like sebum. It, therefore, means that too much application will lead to overdrying of the scalp. The result is that the needed oils that nourish and strengthen the hair will be removed. As a result, your skin will begin to peel, and your hair will start to wither.

On the other hand, these build-ups of debris, oil (sebum), and hair products will block the hair follicles if left to accumulate. This situation often leads to a condition known as folliculitis, an inflammation of the hair follicles that eventually results in scalp peeling.

Improper use of shampoo products

If you choose shampoo products at random, they may worsen the problem rather than help it. To begin, you must understand that the same source causes not all cases of dandruff; therefore, selecting a product at random may not be successful in addressing your problem. This is because each hair care product is made with a specific formula to solve different problems. A shampoo that nourishes and cleanses the scalp, for example, can help to treat dry dandruff, which manifests itself as white flakes shed on the shoulders and neck. However, if you have an oily type of dandruff, this formula may not be effective for you. Defining the nature of your problem, hair type, and other factors is vital to consider before selecting a product.

Ignoring the obvious signs

Recurrent dandruff could indicate a more severe condition, such as a fungal infection or seborrheic dermatitis (a scaly, itchy skin condition). Do not allow these issues to go unchecked, and contact a dermatologist as soon as possible if the shampoo, as mentioned earlier, isn’t working.

Avoiding the SPF

As with the rest of your body’s skin, your scalp is susceptible to sunburn and peeling and can exacerbate any dandruff symptoms you may already have. As long as you have short hair, you can apply sunscreen directly to your scalp without affecting your hair’s luster. But if you have medium or long hair, an SPF can make it look oily and greasy. Therefore, the application must be made based on the instruction.

You don’t moisturize your hair often

It is critical to treat your scalp as if it were any other part of your body. Apply moisturizer to your scalp as often as you can because a dry scalp can itch and flake. But the best part is that you don’t even need a unique product for this. Even though over-the-counter conditioners function as a moisturizer for your hair, there are several simple homemade tricks that you may do. Here’s a quickie for you:

In a separate bowl, separate the egg whites and place the egg yolks inside. You can combine the egg with yogurt, lemon juice, and honey in a bowl and apply the mixture to your dry hair. It should be covered with a shower cap and shampooed after that. Egg yolks are packed with all the nutrients (Proteins and vitamins) that your hair needs to grow and thrive. Lemons contain citric acid, which has anti-microbial effects, and yogurt has lactic acid, which moisturizes the skin.

Not brushing your hair in the proper manner

Cleaning your hair guarantees that blood circulation in your scalp is kept at an optimum level. Irritation and itching can be caused by damp skin accumulating on the skin’s surface due to sweating. When you brush your hair, you remove dead cells from the top of your hair. On the other hand, hairbrushes with sharp tips might create swelling and reddish spots on your scalp. A paddle brush should be used.

Poor Diet

It has been demonstrated that high-fat dairy products and saturated fats cause inflammation and increase sebum production in the skin. Consume meals high in zinc and B vitamins to help keep them under control. Bananas are a good source of these nutrients but don’t forget to include seafood, almonds, avocado, and red meat in your diet as well, as these foods are excellent sources of zinc as well.


Our immune system suffers due to stress, promoting the growth of oil and the fungus Malassezia in the environment. Take notes about the events that occurred during that time and how they affected your hair health if you discover that you begin to have dandruff during a specific time. Consider taking a long walk to clear your head, doing yoga, or taking an extra-long bath to relax. Allowing yourself to relax will be beneficial.

In conclusion

You still have the opportunity to rid yourself of dandruff, just as your activities may have caused it. Aside from the home moisturizer mix we provided, the internet is rife with home cures for dealing with this issue. You would be wise to learn more about this on our website.


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