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ClinicsMemorial Bahcelievler Hospital Reviews

Memorial Bahcelievler Hospital Reviews

The Memorial Bahcelievler Hospital is known for its cutting-edge technology, renowned academic staff, understanding of patient-oriented service, the green and healing power of art, modern architectural designs, and more.

The Memorial Bahcelievler Hospital, which is widely considered among the most all-encompassing medical complexes in the globe, introduces an entirely new perspective to the field of medicine.

Memorial Bahcelievler has accomplished its mission of supplying ethical and high-quality healthcare service providers at international standards, the hospitality technique that carries the future into the present time, and was designed to be among the finest evidence of contemporary architecture.

Beginning on the first of February 2018, the 11th hospital in the Memorial Hospitals Group, known as Memorial Bahcelievler, has been providing highly acclaimed and excellent social insurance administration.

In a state-of-the-art building structure, the Memorial Bahcelievler Hospital is now providing patients with its experienced academic personnel, understanding, concentrated help attitude, and the therapeutic intensity of nature and craftsmanship. The hospital features the following:

  • 72,000 square meter area
  • The top physician and registered nurse in their respective specialties
  • Indicative and treatment facilities are outfitted with cutting-edge technology, 15 operating theaters, and a pediatric intensive care unit.
  • 231 patient rooms, 49 intensive care beds, and 31 observation beds are all included.
  • 340 maximum beds hold regions
  • 133 polyclinics.

The technological infrastructure of Memorial Bahcelievler Hospital includes one of the most cutting-edge cancer treatment systems available, the latest generation beam therapy Elekta Versa HD SIGNATURE, robotic surgery, and radiological imaging systems, among other cutting-edge technologies.

Among the various radiological imaging systems, the 3 Tesla MR technology stands out due to the superiority and dependability of its findings. Scans of the entire body can be performed in a matter of seconds using cutting-edge technology known as dual energy CT.

Pet-CT technology, which plays a key part in the diagnosis, staging, and right treatment of cancer, provides patients with the opportunity to undergo scanning with the minimum amount of radioactive material.

Taking a three-dimensional image during a Da Vinci robotic surgical procedure, typically utilized in urology, kidney transplant, gynecology, and general surgery, enable a more comfortable surgery process for the patient and the surgeon.

Patient Lift technology is installed in Turkey’s first fully lit, functionally-structured intensive care units to let non-mobile and comatose patients move about the facility. Clients will find large living quarters constructed with hygienic conditions in mind in the sections that house operation rooms that have been created with a practical structure that uses advanced technology. These locations are where medical professionals and staff members work.

When designing the exterior and interior areas of the Memorial Bahcelievler Hospital, which was built with an eco-friendly conscious approach, careful consideration was given to the positive effects of green spaces on human wellness and psychology.

Patients, visitors, and staff alike can feel more at home with nature by surrounding themselves with real plants that go through full seasonal, life cycle, and biorhythm cycles year-round. The landscape design, which prioritizes using non-allergenic native species, enhances the city’s visual appeal.

The Memorial Bahcelievler Hospital was constructed with environmental sensitivity, considering energy efficiency, waste management, sustainable area design, and indoor quality criteria during construction.



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