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ClinicsOkan University Hospital Reviews

Okan University Hospital Reviews

In 2016, Okan University Hospital was established as a facility for medical care. The relatively new medical center can provide the help that is in line with the most up-to-date global standards in the field of medicine due to the active application of the academic ability and expertise of the hospital’s experts since 1999. Additionally, the utilization of current diagnostic techniques and the most up-to-date technology makes this possible.

In the realm of medicine, Okan University Hospital is a well-known and respected institution. They have demonstrated their value in the field of medicine through the creation of specialized departments, the development of techniques to treat even the most complex problems, the collaboration of their expert personnel, and an approach focused on patients’ needs.

Located at around 50,000 square meters, the hospital is home to a medical facility and a research unit where numerous studies and clinical trials involving major hospitals worldwide are conducted. The Okan University hospital ensures its services are of the highest possible standard by closely examining the evolution of global medical norms. A multidisciplinary approach founded on a scientific foundation is an essential component of the hospital’s treatment and diagnostic procedures and a defining characteristic of the institution.

Training programs at some of the best hospitals in North America, France, and Germany are a regular part of the curriculum for Okan University Hospital’s medical staff. Because Okan is a teaching hospital affiliated with the university, all medical professionals working there are also instructors at the Okan University School of Medicine. They include:

  • Dr Brahim Evik is a renowned urologist and general surgeon.
  • Dr Abut Kebudi, a specialist in plastic and reconstructive surgery
  • Dr Aydın Gözü orthopedist-traumatologist Prof. Teoman Benli
  • Neurologist Prof. Dr Okan Bölükbaşı,
  • Cardio surgeon Doc. Dr. Fuat Büyükbayrak and others.

The availability of cutting-edge technologies, backed by the vast knowledge and experience of hospital specialists, as well as the numerous scientific studies conducted on the premises of this medical center, are the primary selling points of the clinic.

Why Should You Select Okan University Hospital?

The Okan University Hospital is a healthcare institution that is not difficult to access and takes its strength from the research facilities located on the campus and its highly developed and cutting-edge technologies. The hospital spans a total area of 50,000 square meters and contains numerous cutting-edge and well-equipped departments.

The hospital can provide in-patient care for up to 250 patients at once. It maintains approximately 47 intensive care units and 10 operating theaters, all staffed by many medical professionals. This location has also been acknowledged by the Council for International and Multidisciplinary Environmental Research (CIMER), the European University Association, and the International Universities Association. The center is a valuable asset to Turkey, and the staff places a high priority on the happiness of their patients.

The hospital’s cutting-edge technology, which has enabled the treatment and diagnosis of even the most complex conditions possible, is the driving force behind the institution’s remarkable success. The following are examples of modern technology that you can find at the hospital:

  • Inova angio.
  • Gamma Camera.
  • Four-ring discovery PET/CT scan.
  • Optima 128 slice top-end CT scan.
  • Contrast spectral mammography.



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