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NewsRestoring Damaged Hair with Olive Oil

Restoring Damaged Hair with Olive Oil

Like every other part of the body, the hair isn’t immune to damage. These damages occur whenever the cuticles, the hair’s protective outer layer, are attacked by self-induced actions and unavoidable external exposures. When this happens, it brings cracks to the outer layer, making the hair dull, dry, brittle, frizzy, and lackluster.

As much as there are so many hair care products to correct damages to the hair, most of them worsen the condition ruining whatever hope people have nurtured in getting their hair back. If you’re in this category and you’re tired of spending on these products, you probably need a more natural solution that restores damaged hair, one of which is olive oil.

This article will discuss how beneficial olive oil is to the hair, particularly its effectiveness in restoring damaged hair follicles. But, before we dive into that, let’s first discuss the things that cause damage to the hair because knowing the problem will inform you on how to avoid it when you get your hair back.

Factors that Cause Damage to the Hair

To get to the root of the causes of damage to the hair, we’ve researched a comprehensive list of things that damages the hair. They include the following:

1. Mechanical Factors

While this may seem a little technical, we’ll explain it in a simple and more relatable way. The mechanical factors that cause damage to the hair are intense, and extensive actions are carried out on the hair. This usually includes using a hair-curler and backcombing.

When the hair is combed aggressively, the cuticles may open up, which could be flaking or a tear. This is the first step to hair damage if not treated on time. Aggressive combing or extensive brushing can break the hair leading to more uncontrollable damage.

2. Environmental Factors

Although this isn’t self-induced, it’s one of the most prominent causes of damage to the hair. Some environmental factors that contribute to hair damage include sunlight and humidity. While the sun dries up moisture and depletes the oil in the hair, humidity opens the pores and hair cuticles, making them susceptible to damage.

3. Heat

There are so many heat styling methods that harm the hair. They pull on the strands and burn them slightly, breaking the hair’s temporary chemical bonds. This is the most threatening of all damages because sometimes it can be irreparable.

4. Chemical Influences

Many people are heavily reliant on chemical products for their hair, whether by coloring, perming, lightening, etc. These chemical deposits go through the cuticle to the hair’s cortex, causing much damage.

Sometimes, all of these factors combine to damage the hair. And when it happens, There’s an urgent need for repair and restoration, and it’ll be counterproductive to use the same things that have caused damage to the hair. Hence, as an alternative, why not try olive oil?

Olive Oil and Hair Restoration

Olive oil is one of the many natural oils effective for hair growth and overall health. It carries a remarkable nutritional value that is second to none. Most people talk about how they enjoy using it for their hair. In addition, it is a cheaper option compared to many other hair care treatments.

It protects the hair from harmful bacteria and fungal diseases that may penetrate the hair shaft and cause severe damage to the hair. Olive oil also strengthens the hair to withstand the harsh effects of environmental exposure. It also conditions the hair by smoothening it, giving it an appealing look that boasts its health and wellbeing. Above all, it eliminates dryness in the hair, prevents breakage, and seals all split ends.

Despite all of these, a function olive oil performs on the hair that’s unknown to many people is that it restores damaged hair. This is why it is considered an alternative hair care treatment. Its effect on bringing the hair back to fullness can be slow, but it’s inevitable.

How To Use Olive Oil for Hair Restoration

If you want to restore damaged hair, the following are easy steps on how to use olive oil:

Measure It

You don’t want an overdose of olive oil in your hair because that would make the hair greasy. So instead, you need to measure the amount you use. Since it’s for restoration, you’ll need 1/4 cup of the oil, sufficient for your whole hair.

Massage It

You’ll have to massage it to get the desired effect and allow the oil to sink into your hair follicles. Before you apply it directly by rubbing it in your hair, dip your fingers into the oil, and dip the fingers into your hair. Then, make circular motions all over the hair because this won’t only let the oil flow in, it’ll also allow blood flow into your hair follicles to get nutrients for new hair growth.

After this is done for about two minutes, you can extend it to your scalp. Then, repeat the same process before you finally apply it all over your hair. When this is complete, you can comb the hair slowly.

Rinse It

After the massage, the next thing is to wash the oil off. You can do this using organic shampoos or just a regular shampoo if you have one. You must repeat this twice to get the desired effect and avoid protein overload on the hair. This would most likely restore your damaged hair gradually.

Which Hair Type Should Use Olive Oil?

All hair types can use olive oil, but it’s more suitable for those with dry, frizzy, and damaged hair. Healthy hair may retain the oil for long, leading to a greasy feel that you may not like.


Damages to the hair can discourage you from attempting a restoration treatment. However, knowing there’s a cheap, homemade “do it yourself” remedy proven to be effective, you don’t want to leave your hair damaged. So give olive oil a trial, and you’ll be surprised at the changes you’ll see.


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