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ClinicsReyap Hospital Reviews

Reyap Hospital Reviews

Because of the way it is organized, the hospital is one of the institutions that is held up as a model because it adheres to all ethical and legal standards in the medical field and does not violate the rights of its patients. As Reyap Hospital, in addition to making all medical services easily available, they also provide their patients, both domestic and international, with a knowledge of the services that are founded on scientific and technological principles. 

The hospital places a high priority on ensuring that patients and their loved ones are as comfortable as possible, and they provide their visitors with hotel-style accommodations in the form of suites, corner suites, and personal healthcare rooms. The hospitals’ closed areas in Istanbul total 35,000 square meters, while those in Corlu total 12,000. They use a competent team and a multidisciplinary treatment strategy to give patients comprehensive care throughout all stages of life. 

The hospitals offer services with a total capacity to accommodate 250 beds in Istanbul and 157 in Corlu; suites, corner suites, and private patient rooms offer a high level of convenience to patients and relatives.  The high standard of care provided by Reyap Hospital is planning to be transferred to Bodrum. In addition, the construction of Reyap’s largest hospital, which will offer you healthcare on par with the best in the world, is currently underway in the Bahcesehir neighborhood of Istanbul. 

The hospitals, which provide care following international healthcare standards, specialized staff, appropriate material features, a sophisticated health device section, and technical devices, are among the organizations that are held up as models since their organizational structures do not violate fundamental ethical and medical principles and that they respect the rights of patients. 


Individual Counseling 

Outpatient treatment for people struggling with substance abuse and co-occurring disorders is available at Revap Hospital Istanbul, which is located in the coastal city of Istanbul. They are largely in the business of providing mental health treatments and operate in a private clinic in Istanbul. Clients who suffer from anxiety, psychosis, depression, personality disorders, or family problems are candidates for treatment that is based on evidence.  

The hospital’s clinical psychology program provides a range of therapeutic options, including cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR), art therapy, family counseling, and mindfulness-based therapy, among others. Revap Hospital Istanbul places great importance on client confidentiality and works hard to ensure that patients achieve the level of happiness they envision for themselves.  

Luxurious and Spacious Campus 

Reyap Hospital Istanbul, founded in 2016, is a leading private hospital in the Sultanahmet area. In addition to providing services to customers in the local area, the company’s long-term goal is to expand internationally and provide services in both Turkish and English. The facility features luxurious waiting rooms as well as treatment places that are calm and comfortable. They have on-site psychiatrists and psychologists who can provide the most comprehensive care possible to both outpatients and inpatient clients. At Reyap Hospital, they can work with both private and public insurance providers.


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