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ClinicsSystem Hospital Reviews

System Hospital Reviews

System Hospital is a productive hospital because of its properly equipped structure, which is influenced by modern medical science, and its highly skilled expert staff. As a result, the hospital can perform a wide variety of diagnostic procedures and therapeutic procedures, and it places a primary emphasis on the contentment of its patients. 

In the year 2019, the seasoned physician Erol Bedir established the hospital, which is known for its cutting-edge architectural design and technological facilities. System Hospital is comprised of twenty-four medical departments, thirty-four polyclinics, convenient intensive care with a total capacity of ninety-two beds, laboratories, an imaging facility, operating theaters that are outfitted with cutting-edge medical technology, four observation beds, and one intervention space in the emergency section.  



They innovate by incorporating fresh thoughts into their already flawless system and spending money on the welfare of future generations. 


They are committed to working toward the continual improvement of evidence-based medicine-based multidisciplinary evaluation, therapy, and care services. 


They never make concessions on their philosophy of being a medical institution in which the patients, family, staff, and all partners with whom they are in contact may trust and commit their health care to them.  

Social Contribution  

One of their primary goals is to aid in the social and economic growth of their workforce as well as society as a whole. To do this, it is one of their guiding principles to generate resources as a byproduct of their operations and to refrain from compromising on extravagance by guaranteeing the rational utilization of all available resources. 

Value For the Society 

It is their policy to treat all patients with kindness and compassion, and they will never violate the law or their principles. 


One of their guiding principles is to fulfill the responsibilities toward the people of today as well as the generations that will come after them; to act with the knowledge that they are contributing to Turkey’s and the world’s efforts to protect health and treat disease, and to raise awareness of these efforts.  

Friendly Approach 

They adhere to the tenet of “responsible citizenship” in that they provide all of the services to patients within an architectural framework that is both environmentally and patient-friendly. 

Standards Of Quality 

System Hospital has been providing its services to the health industry with its cutting-edge technology equipment, a quality and dependable understanding that places a priority on patient safety and privacy, and a commitment to these values. 

Since the construction phase of the hospital marked the beginning of its journey toward quality, every facility, piece of medical equipment, and medical procedure has been designed following the customer quality standards established by the Ministry of Health and the International JCI quality requirements. 

It is their most essential job and responsibility, following the goal and vision of the hospital, to raise the level of patient satisfaction. They provide to the highest possible degree and emphasize protecting patient confidentiality. 

Their mission as an organization is to continue expanding while maintaining high levels of patient and staff satisfaction. They intend to accomplish this mission by delivering diagnostic, treatment, and care services of the highest possible quality, utilizing the most up-to-date evidence-based medical practices and cutting risks for both patients and staff.



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