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ClínicasSelf hair clinic reviews

Self hair clinic reviews

The self hair clinic in Istanbul, Turkey, is widely regarded as one of the city’s most successful hair transplant facilities. It is one of the few centres in Istanbul that is outfitted with extremely advanced and efficient hair transplantation facilities, and it is one of those few centres. The clinic was established with the intention of giving patients from all over the world, both locally and internationally, the very finest hair transplant experience possible. When it comes to hair transplantation, a number of patients from other countries choose the Self Hair clinic. This is due to the improved success rate of the clinic. Both the medical and paramedical staff at the hospital have years of experience, and JCI has awarded the clinic with accreditation.

Available treatment and facilities

The way one’s hair looks is one of the key factors that contributes to their confidence. This information is not hidden from the employees at the Self Hair clinic. Because of this, the staff at the Self hair clinic is committed to offering the highest quality therapy as well as post-transplantation services to the patients who visit the clinic. In addition to having more than 11 years of experience, the medical professionals who work at this clinic are also certified by the ISHRS. Following the completion of a comprehensive hair examination, the patients are then given the therapy. The physician will typically recommend to the patient the course of therapy that is the most appropriate for them after considering all of the available options. The Follicular Unit Extraction method, the Follicular Unit Transplantation method, the Direct Hair Implantation method, the no-shave hair transplant, the PRP hair transplant, the beard transplant, and the eyebrow transplant are some of the other treatments that may be obtained at this clinic. This clinic also offers hari transplantation procedures specifically for female patients. Additionally, the facility is outfitted with a robotic hair transplant, which considerably cuts down on the margin of error and significantly boosts the percentage of successful hair transplantation procedures.

What diagnostics and tests are available in Self Hair Clinic?

Patients at the Self Hair Clinic in Turkey can choose from a wide variety of diagnostic services because to the clinic’s widespread reputation. The hospital provides a wide variety of cosmetic surgery, cancer therapy, transplantation procedures, ophthalmology care, orthopaedic care, and paediatric care in addition to standard diagnostic procedures such as blood work, x-rays, echocardiograms, and cardiac catheterizations. In addition, the hospital is equipped to perform all of these procedures. Each potential patient’s treatment option is thoughtfully considered in order to guarantee that they will receive the highest standard of care.

Which Doctors are the most popular in Self Hair Clinic?

The Self Hair Clinic is proud to present its distinguished roster of doctors and surgeons. The medical experts who work here are renowned for their exceptional abilities in the disciplines in which they specialise. Dr. Ozlem Oztorun, Dr. Yilmaz Oztorun, and Dr. Zulal Erdem are three of the most well-known physicians in the hospital, and they come from a variety of specialties.


The atmosphere at the medical centre can be described as one that is cheery, positive, and inviting. There is a possibility that you will receive in-depth counselling both before and after the procedure. Individuals from the surrounding area as well as patients from other countries can access the various amenities that are provided. The clinic offers the service of taking care of all of the necessary arrangements for patients who are travelling there for medical treatment. When the patient arrives in Turkey, a representative from the clinic meets them at the airport and transports them to a hotel with five stars. The patients check into the hospital the following day, and after doing a thorough examination of their hair and various other health criteria, surgical procedures are planned out afterward.


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