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Trendiest Haircuts for Round Faces

You’ll agree that one of the many things women find interesting is visiting the hair salon. However, as exciting as this is for them, it’s also a daunting exercise because they still have to choose from arrays of haircuts. Nevertheless, they tend to take their time because they understand that looking great is tied to having a suitable haircut.

An extension of this which many aren’t aware of, is that looking great is also tied to having haircuts that are suitable for face shape. A haircut that befits your face shape reveals the face’s best features and conceals the less attractive features. So, if you have a round face and wonder what haircuts will be best for you, you’ve entered the right space to find out.

While it’s true that ladies with round faces are always told their haircut options are limited, we’ll show you that it’s not true. Here, we’ll discuss what it means to have a round face and highlight some of the trendiest haircuts for round faces.

Is a Round Face A Good Face Shape?

There is no such thing as a good face shape or a bad face shape. Every face shape is unique, and they carry an underlying beauty that celebrates that uniqueness. So whether you have a square, oval, round, heart, diamond, pear, or oblong face shape, you should know none is less than the others.

So having a round shape is certainly a good face shape, just like all other face shapes. Round Face shape is characterized by having similar length and width with plumpness and a circular jawline and hairline. To get the best out of this face shape, you’ll need to always wear hairstyles that accentuate its beauty.

Trendiest Haircuts for Round Faces

The trendy round-face haircuts are quite edgy with additional layers and strong angles. Whether you want it short or long, wavy or curly, the following are some of the trendiest haircuts for round faces:

High Half-Ponytail

You know that ponytail looks good on almost everyone. But there are ways it can be styled to look perfect on people with round faces, and having a high half ponytail is one of them. That is, the higher the ponytail, the better for round faces. If your hair is curly, you can let the natural curls flow down the length of the hair, and if your hair isn’t, you can make curls towards the end or just let your hair flow naturally.

This is perfect for you because the height of the hair crown brings balance to the face and reduces the chubbiness on the cheeks. The style is versatile and can be styled differently. You can have a curly end half ponytail, half ponytail with waves, two halves ponytail, half-up bun ponytail, top knot, and more.

The point of these varieties is to have an elongated face that conceals roundness. They are all low maintenance, and they don’t always require the services of a stylist to get the best pattern for the style. But that doesn’t mean you can’t discuss having the style with your stylist, nor does it mean you shouldn’t allow the stylist to set the foundation of the style.

Curled Under Long Bob

As you may have been told, bobs are the perfect hairstyle for ladies with round faces. You can reduce the prominence of the circularity on your face by having a good cut combined with perfect styling. If you get it right, a long bob is efficient in concealing the width of a round face and perfect for creating an illusion of a long face.

This is why you shouldn’t take chances by doing it yourself. Instead, allow your stylist to go at it and see the magic they’ll perform. You can have it short or long, wavy or inverted, or even add some colors to make it more defined. No matter your style, it’ll frame your face very well.

You can have it at shoulder, neck, or chin-length, side-parted, wavy, layered, A-lined, asymmetrical, or any other appealing styling pattern. Just ensure it’s suitable for your round face shape.

Deep-parted Braids

While braids are more identified with the black community, it doesn’t change that any person with a round face can have it and get a flattering look. Instead, it’s seen a dramatic resurgence in the media, with more celebrities choosing it as their style. What’s more, when it’s deep-parted, you can easily create that long and angular illusion on your round face.

It’s low maintenance because many people who have it say they can decide to keep it for 3-5 weeks without any dropoff in the appealing look and shape. If you don’t want to go all braid, you can have a side fishtail kind of braid with no parting. Its length can drop slightly below the chest or mid-chest. Either way, it’ll conceal the monotony of your round face.


A list of haircuts for round faces can never be complete without pixies. If a pixie is perfectly done, you’ll almost think it’s specifically made for round faces. That’s because the shape matters a lot. It gives so much balance to the width and length of the face, hiding irregularities that may alter your look.

Maintaining this cut is seamless, and you can only go to the salons if you want to switch the styles for the same cut. The good thing is there are so many ways to style your pixie that it’ll still be perfect for your round face. You can have it spiky and short; you can also have a regular one with a little length, a pixie with an undercut, an asymmetrical pixie cut, a layered pixie, and many others.

Other trendy haircuts you can have for round face include the following:

  • Bombshell waves
  • Long and Full Curls
  • Ombre Waves
  • Center-parted Curls


Don’t buy any conversation that says people with round faces have limited haircut patterns to choose from. There’s always more, and it only depends on how skillful and imaginative your stylist is. With the list we’ve given, you can alternate between them.


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